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News Gobernación de Norte de Santander


The Governor signs labor agreement with trade unions to improve the quality of life of the workers

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The Governor signs labor agreement with trade unions to improve the quality of life of the workers

By: Oscar Rene corner Castle, Wednesday 28 December


In the office of the Governor of North of Santander, William Villamizar Laguado, members of trade unions, Sindeofinorts, Sindegonortes and Ussep, along with the branch President signed an agreement to ensure the safety of all members of the governance, this cobijará all administrative public employees in the governorate of North of Santander.


Julio Cesar Arenas Rangel, President of Sindeofinorts stated, that after a responsible analysis reaches an agreement to meet the needs of employees, gross in the points in the agreement, which respond to the Millennium goals set by the ILO in terms of a decent work with Social Justice.


He added that within the agreed labour agreements agreed wage increase.


Wage increase 2016


Categorías Incremento

1 - 3 3,0 %

4 - 6 2,0 %

7 1,5 %

8 -10 1,0 %


Wage increase 2017


Categorías Incremento

1 - 10 11,5 %

10 - 14 10,0 %


The Union leader reported that within the social welfare agreement assumes the commitment by the Governor, for the benefit of employees of the Department, develop two (2) new housing projects, to benefit civil servants who do not have adequate housing.


He added that the Governor will manage, in a very short time, the development of a project to provide employees in the governorate of North of Santander and its decentralized institutions of a Social and sports venue, the practice of sports and healthy leisure moments to share with his family.


The members of trade unions showed joy commitment to Villamizar Laguado improve benefits and labour rights that deserve public employees in the Governor's Office.


'The labor agreement reached today to a happy ending, thanks to Dr. William Villamizar Laguado administration and available,' said Sandy Rangel.

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