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Noticias Gobierno Digital

En este espacio encontraran todas las noticias referente a la implementacion de Gobierno Digital en La Gobernacion de Norte de Santander.

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Primer taller GEL - Arquitectura Empresarial y Arquitectura TI Colombia

Primer taller GEL - Arquitectura Empresarial y Arquitectura TI Colombia
El Área de Gobierno en Línea de la Secretaria TIC de la Gobernación de Norte de Santander se complace en invitar al equipo de ingenieros y a todos los enlaces GEL de cada alcaldía del Departamento, al primer taller GEL - Arquitectura Empresarial y Arquitectura TI Colombia en la ciudad de Cúcuta Norte de Santander.
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Of what is is this strategy?


overnment on-line is the name given to the strategy of e-Government (e-government) in Colombia, seeking to build a more efficient, more transparent and more participatory through ICT State.

This means that the Government:

Will provide the best services in line to the citizen.

Will achieve the excellence in the management

You empower and generate confidence in citizens

Themes of the strategy

TIC for open Government

TASeeks the construction of a State more transparent, participatory and collaborative, where the citizens participate actively in it takes of decisions thanks to them TIC.

TIC services

TSIt seeks to create the best procedures and services online to respond to the most pressing needs of the citizens with the help of technology.

TIC for management

TGIt seeks to give a strategic use technology to make the administration more effective.

Security and privacy of the information

TPIt seeks to save the data of the citizens as a treasure, guaranteeing the security of the information.


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